Q: Is the R1 allowed to come down from the referee stand during intervals between sets?

A: No. The R1 shall never come down from the referee stand during a match unless there is scorekeeping issue and the R2 is not able to correct the problem.

Q: Is the R2 allowed to make ball handling calls during play?

A: No. Ball handling calls are determined by the first referee except when they are clearly out of the view of the first referee. In this case, the R2 shall give a discreet signal to the R1 (as discussed in their pre-match meeting). The referees shall discuss any discrepancies in private.

Q: Is the R2 allowed to make out-of-alignment calls on the serving team?

A: No. The R1 shall determine the alignment of players on the serving team at the moment of service. If the R1 is unsure of the serving team’s alignment, the R2 shall give a discreet out-of-alignment signal to the R1. If the wrong server serves the ball, the scorekeeper shall notify the R2, who in turn shall whistle the play dead and signal improper server/illegal alignment.

Q: At the end of a Set 1, do the players walk around the R1’s stand?

A: No. According to Rule 9, Sec. 2, Art. 3(b), when directed to change courts by the first referee, the teams shall proceed immediately to their new team benches and the players shall proceed counterclockwise along the sideline past the standard to their new team benches.

Q: Coach for Team R submits her lineup for set 4 with #3 listed as center back and also has #3 listed as the Libero. #3 then starts in the center back position. Can the Libero be redesignated? If yes, what is the procedure/penalty?

A: No. As a preventive maintenance tool, the R2 should check the line-up before the scorer enters numbers onto the score sheet to prevent incorrect line-ups. If the R2 doesn’t notice this discrepancy until he/she is checking line-ups on the court, then #3 will have to play as a Libero for that set. In addition, according to Rule 7, Sec. 1 Art. 4 (Penalties 2): failure to submit an accurate line-up to the scorer no later than two minutes after the end of the previous set results in a loss of rally/point being awarded to the opponent at the start of the next set. So #3 will have to play in the Libero position for that set, and the team will start the set 0-1.

Situation A: As the R2 is checking lineups, Team A has #22 on the lineup sheet but #12 is on the court. The R2 tells the coach #22 must take the court (line-ups may not be changed) and the coach may (a) leave # 22 in for at least one rally and then substitute, or (b) request a substitution #12 for #22 prior to the start of the set.

Situation B: If Team A does not have a #22 on the roster, the R2 informs the coach that there is a loss of rally/point for having submitted an inaccurate line-up, but #12 may remain in the set and not be counted toward the 18 allowed subs.

Remember: Line-ups must be turned in no later than 2 minutes prior to the end of timed prematch warmups and no later than two minutes following each set.

Q: What should the official do when a player is wearing jewelry during the match?

A: Unnecessary delay shall be assessed to the team. If a team has a time-out remaining, the player may remain in the set, provided the jewelry is removed during the time-out. If there are no time-outs remaining, loss of rally should be awarded to the opponent.